1. Field Checking is available at the Hamfest for DXCC, VUCC, WAS, and WAC cards. WAZ cards applications cannot be processed.
  2. Before bringing any cards to the Hamfest for checking by the ARRL card checker, please complete the forms at the ARRL web site. Print the forms also, and bring printouts to the Hamfest with your cards and keep the cards in exactly the same order as on the form(s).

    For DXCC applications use these links:

    ARRL Online DXCC Application

    ARRL Online DXCC

    For WAS, VUCC, and WAC applications, search the ARRL web site for forms and instructions. If the instructions for any forms are different from above, those instructions supercede what you read here.

  3. Limit your card quantity for checking to 50 cards. Only 3 or 4 cards can be checked per minute and there may be other people who want their cards checked before the end of the Hamfest. You can instead arrange to have cards checked at the home of the checker. The ARRL maintains a list of approved DXCC card checkers at:

    ARRL Card Checker Search

  4. People with WAS applications (specifically 5 band WAS endorsements) need to review the rules before bringing their cards.
  5. Present your application forms and cards early at the NODXA table to avoid surprises and delays.