In order to help facilitate virtual meetings, webinars, and presentations for Northeast Ohio clubs and groups, and in line with our charter to support and promote Amateur Radio, The Hamfest Association of Cleveland has procured a paid Zoom video conferencing account for use by area Amateur Radio clubs. Many of the meeting platforms have returned to time or attendee limits for their free-tier of service, so this is designed to get around those limits without clubs having to purchase their own.

Any area club that wishes to use it may request the scheduling of a Zoom call from HAC on a first-come, first-served basis.

All we ask is that you thank the Hamfest Association for the use of Zoom during your meeting.

Zoom calls are limited to 100 participants, and 24 hours in duration (here’s hoping your meeting isn’t 24 hours long).

Amateur Radio-related uses only.

If your club or group would like to use the HAC Zoom for your meeting, please complete the form below to make your request.

73 de W8HAC